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Mechatronics Technician

The Mechatronics Technician program provides students with the competencies required to successfully obtain employment as an Industrial Maintenance Technician working in the field of automation and controls. The program involves lectures, simulations, troubleshooting labs, and practical exams. Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to take three assessment certifications from PMMI.
mechatronics technician
certificate of completion

Credentials: Certificate of Completion

Program Length: 400 Hours

Program Cost: $5,250

Course Details

The Mechatronics Technician program includes some of the following courses:

  • Industrial Electricity I
    • The Industrial Electricity course covers basic safety practices for voltages up to 600 volts as well as knowledge of voltage, current, and power in AC and DC circuits, circuit analysis of series and parallel loads, and a basic understanding of resistors, capacitors, and inductors. The course applies these fundamentals to simple applications, light commercial, and simple industrial use.
  • Mechanical Components I
    • The Mechanical Components course covers in-depth topics including methods of identifying belt size and type, selecting sheaves, bushings, and a V-belt for given applications, installing and aligning a timing belt drive system, specification: of high torque drive belts and sprockets , and maintenance steps for synchronous belt drives.
  • Fluid Power

    • The Fluid Power course covers the principles of functionality for fluid power dynamics, including hydraulics and pneumatic components, and the theory of operations.
  • Programmable Logic Controllers

    • The Programmable Logic Controllers course is an introduction to basic PLC Programming. The curriculum covers topics including: PLC orientation, operations, programming numbering systems, PLC memory organization, PLC programming software, and PLC program analysis. languages. In addition, PLC motor control, discrete input and output interfacing, PLC timer, and counter instructions are reviewed.

Upon completion of the program, students will be eligible to sit for the following certifications in consecutive order:

  • PMMI: Introduction to Fluid Power
  • PMMI: Industrial Electricity I
  • PMMI: Mechanical Components I
*Certifications are not guaranteed and require successful completion and passing scores on the applicable assessments.

The typical responsibilities of a Mechatronics Technician may vary based on the industry, however, the most common responsibilities include:

  • Conducting equipment tests
  • Analyzing test results and error messages
  • Maintaining equipment and machinery
  • Repairing broken equipment
  • Assembling new equipment
  • Conducting equipment and machinery demonstrations
Start dates for the Amazon Career Choice Mechatronics Technician program are available in the chart below. This program modality is instructor-led, via live virtual sessions. This means you will be joining the class in real-time through video conference from the comfort of your own space.
Start Dates End Dates Virtual Class Day
1/22/2024 9/3/2024 Monday
2/13/2024 9/25/2024 Tuesday
3/6/2024 10/17/2024 Wednesday
4/11/2024 11/22/2024 Thursday
5/10/2024 2/1/2025 Friday
6/15/2024 3/16/2025 Saturday
7/8/2024 4/8/2025 Monday
8/6/2024 5/7/2025 Tuesday
9/4/2024 6/5/2025 Wednesday
10/3/2024 7/4/2025 Thursday
*To be considered for the program the following is required:
  • Have a High School Diploma or GED.
  • Have a genuine passion in the field of study

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The Mechatronics Technician program is available for all eligible Amazon associates in the United States. Click the link below to start the application process: