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Ancora Training To Offer New Soft Skills Course to Employers Across The U.S.

Online Course Highlights Eight Main Competencies For Success  

(ARLINGTON, TEXAS) June 13, 2023  –Ancora Training is now offering Soft Skills For Success, a professional development course to help individuals develop skills essential to positive workplace interactions. The course is housed in a Learning Management System and its content, curriculum, examples, and materials use simulations and exercises from real-world scenarios that employees may encounter in their career.

“Leaders leverage soft skills to motivate and inspire teams, driving company growth. We adopt a holistic approach when evaluating individuals, recognizing that while technical expertise is crucial, excellent communication and management abilities can distinguish one from others,” said Andrea Snow, Senior Vice President of Academics & Career Services at Ancora Education. “This course is designed to bridge the gap and enhance these vital skills to foster empowerment and productivity.”

According to Indeed, an individual who masters soft skills is most likely able to maintain relationships, grow their personal network, display confidence, develop leadership skills, and have an established professional reputation. 

“Soft skills are foundational to any successful work environment, whether in the office, on the warehouse floor, or on the road,” said Natalie Williams, Vice President of Client Operations at Ancora Training.  “Ancora’s course teaches the techniques that build and strengthen working relationships, regardless of the setting. Our client partners are very excited about this offering, and more than a dozen are already leveraging the course to provide professional development opportunities for their workforce.”  

The Soft Skills For Success program emphasizes eight main competencies, which include: 

  • Teamwork & Collaboration – Build and maintain collaborative relationships to work effectively with others in a team setting through shared responsibility, empathy, and respect.
  • Problem solving – Exercise sound reasoning to analyze issues, synthesize information, make decisions, and solve problems.
  • Organizational skills – The ability to take initiative and maintain effective work habits.
  • Communication – Articulate thoughts and express ideas effectively using oral, written, visual, and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Digital Savvy – Maximize new and emerging technologies in order to work, learn and live in a digital society.
  • Dependability – How to demonstrate integrity, resilience, accountability, and ethical behavior.
  • Stress Management –  The ability to manage emotions and have integrity in difficult situations


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