Case Study

Case Study: PepsiCo

In 2022, Ancora Training established a partnership  with PepsiCo, one of the most recognizable convenient food and beverage corporations in the world, to provide skills-based training to PepsiCo employees. Ancora has implemented and is currently managing two of the global brand’s employee upskilling training programs: Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training and a Commercial and Industrial Maintenance Technician (CIMT) course. Eligible PepsiCo employees across the country may participate in these programs. 

As an operator of the largest independently owned fleet of trucks in the U.S., PepsiCo employs thousands of drivers, many of whom require training. Ancora’s extensive experience in this sector—which includes managing CDL training programs for key leaders in the transportation and logistics marketplace—made it a natural fit for PepsiCo’s needs. 

Ancora’s Class A Truck Driver training balances classroom learning and behind-the-wheel training to operate tractor-trailers on the road. The ELDT- compliant course covers the topics to prepare drivers for the CDL-A exam. Moreover, training takes place at PepsiCo locations, on PepsiCo equipment, which both minimizes the impact on an employee’s work schedule and trains employees using vehicles they operate every day in the field. 

In addition to CDL-A training, PepsiCo also retained Ancora Training to provide a Commercial and Industrial Maintenance Technician (CIMT) course to employees. CIMT is a multidisciplinary branch of technology that focuses on diverse commercial and industrial equipment and technologies. 

Ancora’s CIMT training exposes individuals to the safe operation of hand and power tools as well as system integration, all of which are critical skills for safe conduct on the production floor. The eight-week course can be presented in a hybrid modality, with the introductory sessions conducted virtually before trainees begin the hands-on section of the program. The CIMT curriculum familiarizes trainees in subjects fundamental to the discipline, such as industrial mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics, electrical theory circuits, and programmable logic controllers. The training is useful to new hires as well as experienced technicians whose maintenance skills may need updating. 

Ancora is privileged to include PepsiCo on its roster of premier clients. 



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