Certified Wireless Specialist Course

The CWNP Certified Wireless Specialist (CWS) is a certification that validates the knowledge of wireless sales, marketing, entry-level support, and decision-making professionals related to 802.11 wireless networks.

A successful Certified Wireless Specialist is an individual who can explain basic features and capabilities of wireless LAN (WLAN) solutions including APs, controllers, WLAN management solutions and 802.11 networks. The individual can assist in selecting the best equipment for a deployment or communicate well with those who are responsible for such decisions. A CWS is not responsible for the configuration and management of the WLAN, but must have the ability to gather information to determine requirements and match technologies to those requirements for a deployment. A CWS can speak and understand the language of Wi-Fi.

This course prepares the student to take the CWS-100 exam.

The objectives of the course are as follows:

  • Understand Basic RF Hardware and Functions 
  • Identify 802.11 Features and Functions
  • Identify Wireless LAN Hardware and Software
  • Understand Organizational Goals in relation to Wireless Deployments

Total Time Commitment:  12 hours per week; 48 hours total