Ancora Training

Soft Skills for Success Course

The Soft Skills for Success program is designed to provide students with the knowledge of necessary skills to be successful in daily interactions in and out of the workplace. This course is focused on building professionalism, efficiency and accountability.


Learn about formal and informal communication, code-switching, strategies for communicating in the workplace, how to use tact and diplomacy, and how to be an advocate for themselves using communication.

Strengths, Weaknesses and Skills Development:

Learn about strengths, weaknesses, and characteristics to improve upon. This information will assist in the development of skills for confidence in the workplace by connecting strengths and skills to the work environment.

Values and Ethics:

Learn what it means to be an ethical model for making ethical decisions as well as how personal values are important to help make the best ethical choice possible.

Team building:

Learn why working with others is important, how to be an effective team member, characteristics of great teams, and the multitude of roles people play on a team.

Positive and professional attitude:

Learn about healthy attitudes, how attitude affects habits and behaviors, make connections, and learn how to gain a more positive attitude through setting goals and exploring motivations.

Stress Management:

Learn about the effects of stress, how stress can affect the mind and body, and stress management techniques to help expand your toolkit of dealing with stress in their professional and personal life.

Conflict Resolution:

Learn about conflict, ways people deal with conflict, what attitudes help to positively work through conflict, and steps you can follow to positively navigate through conflict with another person.