Healthcare Billing and Coding

Program Objective

Students learn how to understand and analyze patient records, claims processing, eligibility, and regulatory compliance for multi-level healthcare providers.

Major & Related Requirements

Contact Hours

AHS1100-AG Integumentary, Skeletal, Muscular, and Gastrointestinal Systems 30
AHS1200-AG Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Blood, Lymphatic, and Immune Systems 30
AHS1300-AG Nervous, Sensory, Endocrine, Urinary, and Reproductive Systems 30
AHS1400-AG Pathology 30
AHS1420-AG Pharmacology 30
AHS1520-AG Medical Office Systems 30
AHS1650-AG Medical Coding 42
AHS2150-AG Medical Insurance Billing 42
MBC1324-AG Health Information Systems and Technology 42
MBC1500-AG Intermediate Coding 42
MBC2160-AG Advanced Medical Coding 42
Total Contact Hours Required (100% of the program is delivered asynchronously.) 390

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